Contour step three also means that the quiddity from internet sites memes try of this this cohesiveness-uniqueness nexus

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Contour step three also means that the quiddity from internet sites memes try of this this cohesiveness-uniqueness nexus

Figure 3 shows with the an excellent scatter plot chart the significant positive matchmaking between the quiddity concreteness away from meme families in addition to cohesiveness and you may uniqueness of their general features

Since the conveyed, meme parents that have been discovered to be many natural had been along with those individuals discussing original unique content and you will setting properties (Roentgen 2 = .83). For example, “Also Really Large” uniquely works closely with governmental activities, as well as in “Images throughout the day,” very era provided both artwork and audio manipulations.

It screens about three quantities of quiddity concreteness, demonstrating one meme family members which have an incredibly apparent and you may real quiddity (an item or a particular reputation) and had a tendency to convey more cohesive and unique content, involvement, and you can form simple features. This new extraordinary highest many “Celebrity Conflicts Boy” exemplify which loved ones. The new consistent visibility of unique sword on most regarding period provided this meme family members a tangible quiddity. But meanwhile, a few of the circumstances had been much like each other when you look at the the new common form, contribution, and you will posts properties, writing on the newest apparently book circumstances out-of battles.


Within studies, we employed a huge-measure data to research the new themes and you will formations underpinning Web sites meme sites. Our deviation section try a theoretical difference in a few pushes that join internet sites memes together: this quiddities of one’s own household members while the generic characteristics of your greater meme people We strived not only to promote a descriptive post on such pushes, and to describe the way they was regarding one another, and to the dwelling away from meme sites. The findings of the exploratory foray contribute to this new literary works for the web sites memes in several theoretic and you may methodological domains, once the summarized less than.

Determining common quiddity products: Our analysis revealed five variety of quiddities – target, particular profile, simple character, step, and you may statement. The truth that action are the most common is specially discussing: Oftentimes, they displayed brand new embodied nature regarding sites memes, hence build towards the activities of individuals who replicate others on the social industries (Shifman, 2013 ). Imitating a task in a person’s own strategy is mostly easy to manage and the concept is straightforward to understand (Lewis, 2012 ). As a result, it may be the an enticing cure for were oneself for the the latest memetic exchange.

Determining the newest conventional (and you may periphery) of your memetic fields: We discussed this new mainstream out of meme society because of the outlining by far the most common content, involvement, and function features of prominent web sites memes in addition to their days. Supporting past qualitative observations (Milner, 2012 , 2013c), it was discovered that light male children and you can teenagers was the common members in most cases. Preferred people, dinner, and you can this new news was the most common subject areas, while you are governmental blogs try a lot less commonplace. These conclusions validate before discussions of one’s “whimsical” gist off internet sites memes in addition to their solid connection so you’re able to pop music society (Knobel & Lankshear, 2007 ; Shifman, 2012 ).

The fresh new cohesiveness and individuality out-of meme families: Given the difference between quiddity and you will common properties, the brand new cohesiveness out of good meme family relations with regards to general blogs, involvement, and mode is not secured. All of our results signify whether or not meme family are usually cohesive, the degree of cohesiveness varies greatly between families. A main feature that people seen to be correlated with this specific variability was individuality, otherwise range throughout the mainstream. The more unique good meme members of the family is, the greater amount of the fresh new resemblance regarding attributes one of their instances. It searching for validates what we marked since the individuality-cohesiveness pendulum: They indicates that the essential pressure ranging from communality and you can character underpinning users’ reasons is even manifested about communities off memes you to definitely they generate.

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